Le Kaffee Bar Slot Machine Overview: Theme, Return to Player (RTP), Number of Reels & Bonuses

Le Kaffee Bar Slot Machine Overview. Microgaming obviously assumed that we would give them a marketing platform to promote and brag about their games when we originally approached them to request access to their demo portal. Who is to blame for them? Affiliates have long gone to tremendous lengths to sell their readers any nonsense, including slot machines and casinos, without accepting any responsibility for any of it. 

Oh my goodness, a turd-themed game with a 93% Return to Player (RTP) and a 500x maximum win potential, wonderful! It’s interesting that even the worst sell-out websites have had to hide their distaste in their evaluations of Microgaming, which says a lot.

When Microgaming saw our reviews, it must have come as a shock to them. Ever since our rupture with the firm, they haven’t exactly made it easy for us to review their games. They actually severed all relations with us. But at Bigwinboard.com, we give credit where credit is due, so we could at last give them some recognition. But enough already.

Le Kaffee Bar is not Microgaming’s first slot with a coffee theme, strange as that may seem. The other, called Cashoccino, had its first release in 2014 before being made available again in html5 last year. We suggest you avoid it because it’s a bad slot. Le Kaffee Bar Slot Machine features the standard Microgaming setup of 5 reels and 243 ways to win, which, in its heyday, was essentially what Megaways is today: an illusion of virtually endless possibility in contrast to the fixed paylines.

There are no issues with the graphic design, which is playable from 0.30 to 30€ per spin across all devices. A to 9 card suit symbols, jugs, cupcakes, and 3 separate characters—a guy, a girl, and a barista—predominate the game’s symbols, which are set within a coffee shop. The latter character is the most lucrative, paying 10 times your stake if you land 5 of them on a payline. The only symbols that can show up completely stacked on the three middle reels are the characters.

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Le Kaffee Bar Slot Machine: Features

There is a Wild Spin Again feature at Le Kaffee Bar. You’ll get 1 free spin if 3 symbols line up in either a vertical or horizontal pattern. After that, the middle symbol will change into a wild and stick around for that spin. Giving you another opportunity to find a successful combination is the idea here.

The scatter collection component, however, is crucial to the game. On reels 1 and 5, the coffee cup scatter should be sought out. A scatter is added to your collection when it lands. You’ll be allowed access to the Free Spins if you collect 10 or more. You can now continue gathering mugs to play the bonus game with a bigger multiplier:

  • For 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier, you must collect 10 scatters.
  • 20 scatters will grant you 15 free spins with a 4x multiplier.
  • 30 scatters will grant you 18 free spins with a 5x multiplier.

Le Kaffee Bar Slot Machine: Verdict

Unfortunately, Le Kaffee Bar’s coffee is similar to the watery, weak coffee you can buy at IKEA. In conclusion, its volatility is a little bit too low, and the thrill we seek from a slot machine simply isn’t present. You can play judi bola online games on the DEPOBET88 site.

Le Kaffee Bar Slot Machine has a maximum payout of 2833 times your wager, so there is at least some motivation to play it, even though it’s generally generic vibe makes us want to get coffee somewhere else.