Jason And The Golden Freece Demo Slot Machine

Jason And The Golden Freece Demo Slot Machine

Join the Argonauts as they set sail on one of history’s most epic adventures: the mythical epic Greek legend of Jason And The Golden Freece Demo Slot. This Microgaming slot machine’s five reels and twenty-five paylines vividly depict the ancient tale of bravery and honor. 

Additionally, there is a ton of bonus action to divert attention from the spins and send players on Jason’s adventure, where they might just find their own riches and glory.

The Original Superhero In Jason And The Golden Freece Demo Slot  

Epic adventures are unmatched. Well, aside from a heroic quest where treasure can be found. This slot machine is based on the well-known story of Jason, a hero from Greek mythology who set out on an impossible quest to discover the Golden Fleece in order to assume his rightful place on the throne in the city of Iolcos. 

Jason and his band of brave Argonauts had to contend with six-armed giants, harpies, sirens, ship-crushing cliffs, as well as a number of meddling gods and goddesses, so this wasn’t just a case of going to the lost and found. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, he also had to free the Golden Fleece from a dragon that was wide awake. What an inconvenience.

By spinning the reels, various characters from the story will appear, you may see all of the action for yourself. Along with Medea, his betrothed lover, there is Jason. Then there is the centaur Chiron, who raised and guided Jason when he was a little boy. Of course, there are also symbols showing the Argonauts and the Argo, their ship. 

Spinners will be able to travel to the same famous locales as Jason thanks to symbols that feature the Colchis dragon, the Sirens of Sirenum, the bronze man Talos of Crete, the precarious Symplegades cliffs, and the Iolcus palace.

This slot machine is really stunning visually. Despite the lack of particularly impressive 3D graphics, the usage of 2D cartoons contributes to a sufficient sense of awe akin to the old-school Jason and the Argonauts animations from your youth. Additionally, a dramatic score is played continuously to evoke a sense of epic adventure.

A Hero’s Payment

Jason and the Golden Freece demo slot is entertaining to play for free, but if you wish to play for real money, you can anticipate some courageous winnings from this 25-payline game. 

With the exception of scatter wins, which are given regardless of paylines, all winning combinations are multiplied by the line bet value to determine the total amount of each winning wager. 

Fortunately, the numbers will automatically change to indicate the wins in accordance with the magnitude of the bets. A complete pay out schedule can be studied in the “View Pays” option.

If you want to play low limit, line bets start at a size of 0.01 and go up to a maximum of 5 coins. The number of paylines that are active cannot be changed, so all line bets must be multiplied by 25 to equal the total wager for each spin.

For five Iolcos symbols in a row, at the maximum line bet of five coins, you could expect to win 250 coins. Since that is the lowest-valued icon in the game, things can only get better from here. 

In fact, all location symbols offer a tempting payout that rises in value all the way to Colchis’ top payout of 750. Then, five Argo icons will pay out 3,000 coins, five Argonauts will pay out 4,000 coins, and five Chiron symbols will pay out 5,000 coins. The payouts from Medea and Jason are 7,500 and 10,000, respectively.

The Adventure Has Just Begun In Jason And The Golden Freece Demo Slot 

Of course, locating the Golden Fleece itself is the major goal of this expedition. And if you come across three scatter cards—represented by the fleece—you could just succeed in doing that. 

Players will then be transported to each of the game’s locales, where they can engage in various additional games. For instance, in Symplegades and Iolcos, respectively, there is a “Shipwreck Bonus” and a “Shield Bonus.” Till you arrive at the Golden Fleece in Colchis, navigate your way through each of these bonus games.

Additionally, there are some bonus spins available. The game’s logo symbol, which serves as both a wild and a scatter, initiates these. To unlock 10 free games with an x3 multiplier, find three or more.

A Journey Like No Other

Jason and the Golden Freece demo slot is a lot more than just a slot machine in many aspects. Instead of just providing spinning reels with attractive graphics, this game sends players on an epic adventure for honor and possibly even riches. It’s impossible to come up with a reason not to join Jason and company on their travels when there are six mini bonus games and profitable free spins available.

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