What is a VPN and why do you need it?

A Virtual Private Network that is commonly known as a VPN is a type of mask that you apply to your network connection, no matter while on a public or private network, in order to ensure maximum security and also to protect your online identity and other sensitive information of yours from being hacked.

Technically speaking, a VPN works by encrypting your network connection and also by making use of networking tunneling method. Basically speaking a VPN works by masking the IP address of your current location with that of some other IP address that may be located at some different part of the world. This is done by passing all your online activity through a different internet server from some other part of the world, instead of passing your online data to the nearest server to your location. Therefore, VPN can be thought of as a unique way to connect two devices over a network by offering maximum security and privacy.

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A VPN is also used in certain countries to access online content that is by default blocked in their country. For example, countries in where the local government has blocked sites like Facebook and YouTube, a VPN can be used to bypass the local government restrictions and access those websites with ease.

There are two types of VPN available

Point-to-Point VPN

This type of VPN is also known as a remote access VPN. Using this type of VPN system, any individual network user can connect to a remote server securely. In a remote access VPN, the VPN software itself offers different private network options that can be joined by the user using the VPN software.

Two main components of a Point-to-Point VPN are a Client Software and a Remote Access Server. Both these components help in establishing a secure connection between the user and the network. A NAS tunneled connection is also present in the remote access VPN that will always be indicated using your address of internet. This helps to create an encrypted and secure connection between the user and the network.

Site-to-Site VPN

In a Site-to-Site VPN, a secure connection is made between two different places and is commonly done over some sort of public network like the Internet. Using the Site-to-Site VPN type, it is also possible to create an Intranet VPN where two different networks are made into one network and an Extranet VPN is also possible where two different networks are interconnection.

Which are the best VPN networks?

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Final Words

The above article gave a quick yet understandable description on what a VPN is, what are the types of VPN and why would you require a VPN software. Hope you liked the article and in case you did, do share it on your social media profiles.

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