Using JIO4gVoice App Hangs my Phone – What should I do?

There are different reasons why your phone crashes and that could be very annoying if you are doing something relevant and important at the same time while you are using your smartphone. There are many factors that could cause crash such as the low memory of the phone, too many apps that are opened at the same time or different bugs that could occur. There is a big problem that happens to many people that have Jio4GVoice, and the question is there a something that you can do about it.

Jio4GVoice App hangs my Phone- Is it a bug?

Sometimes, it is not your fault that a phone crashes, and even it is not the fault of your phone. There are different types of operating systems and all of them have different ways of functioning. So there is no developer that could test everything that could happen and therefore there is no possibility to find the reason for these bugs.

Even though crashes will happen from time to time, and you cannot do anything to stop it. There are different reasons why this could happen and you have to get in the contact with developers in order to see if there is a bug in the program or app.

Too many apps open?

We are all keen to have as many apps open as possible, however, is that a functional moment. There are many people that play too many apps simultaneously, and the phone cannot function in that conditions. Your smartphone CPU has its limits and it could overheat easily, of course, that depends on its memory. If you need more than five seconds to open some app that means that you have too many applications open at the same time.

Why does using JIO4GVoice app hang your phone?

There are many people that stated that they have a problem with Jio4GVoice, especially in moments when they are trying to open the app and at the beginning, they get the message “Jio4GVoice app keeps restarting”, and the only option that you will have is to close the app. You have to understand that there is nothing wrong with your phone or operational system, the problem is in the broken settings.

This problem started at the very beginning because people use different phones and some of them react differently on this app. However, if you want to fix this problem you have to follow these steps:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to install the application from your Play Store, without Jio SIM card in it.
  • The next step is to click on settings and then on installed apps. You will find JioJoin click on it and you will see App info, select it.
  • Scroll to permissions and enable every single one of them
  • Put the SIM card on and enter the app and it will be no problem whatsoever.


We have provided you with some usual examples of crashing and their solutions, however, the most important thing that we wanted to explain you is how to enable your JIO4GVoice application and to fix the problem that is frequent and could be very annoying.

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