For Android users, gaming is essential and gaming for not sake for gaming but a game that challenges the users enough to be taken seriously. Gaming can be a good stress buster for everyday life and it can turn into a good hobby. Android Designers have developed host of interesting games for the users and our job is simply to inform you about the best games available in the market so that you can have the leisure to install the best game in your device.

best android games

Download free games for Android phones and enjoy the gaming experience.

List of Gaming Software to choose from:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds being a very popular game, which started off as an IOS game has moved to Android is a popular and addictive game which features the challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve. Easy to play and it gets difficult as the level proceeds.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is the new emerging game that is based on switching and matching your way through more than 100 levels in this addictive puzzle adventure.  It has eye-catching graphics, easy and fun to play with levels and it is an emerging group activity game which is getting lot of popularity on facebook as the scores are shared on social networking sites.

Frozen Bubble

Based on ancient concept of firing gems on the screen to make little groups of similarly coloured clusters. Download free games for Android phones on websites which easily offer this game.

Replica Island

This game allows the user with all other interesting key buttons like jumping, botton-bouncing, collecting and other usual platform formalities. This is an extremely polished game which can easily be playable on an Android trackball.

Gem Minor

In this game you play the character of a mole whose job is to extract things out of the ground.  The game is about managing the raw materials you find, upgrading digging powers and buyin digging tools. It can be really addictive and is somehow similar to facebook game like Farmville.

There are whole lots of games you can enjoy in Android and these are few basic games which are popularly enjoyed by Android users worldwide.

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