Top Android Apps to Increase Your Productivity

It’s limited for jobholders at the office to prefer the computer they toil on or the provisions they will utilize regularly. Love it or deny it, bosses & allowances whoop the shots on such matters. In today’s technology, smartphones are a huge segment of the regular 9 to 5 working hours.

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It is these smart phones & their applications that commence new escape for productivity. Do you know how to keep track of all your data in one place? Do you need a easy scanner for all your official works getting done? Need to construct a to-do list so you remember to get the work done on time? So, am going to give you a overview about the productive apps. Here we go!


Main objective- Only for business card scanner + filter

Mobiles – iPhone + Android + Windows + BlackBerry

Specifics – Who is not miffed by the scuffling of business cards? They skunk under car seats, chock themselves into the nook of our billfold & disappear past ominous. CC is a vastly skillful business card application that can thumb through a card with the cinch of a phone camera.


Main objective – Email Organizer

Mobiles – iPhone + Android

Specifics – Mobile email applications are not always as automatic & usable as by the numbers. It is an unusually easy app that engages minimal design procedures & bonds them to network that is convenient to use & extensively functional. More than an absolute email organizer system, CloudMagic approves users to fulfill the assigned works while going through emails. It works by assimilating productive applications like; OneNote, EverNote, Trello, Pocket, etc. into itself.


Main Objective – Scan Documents

Mobiles – Android + iPhone

Specifics –Those who have made an effort to scan documents by a smart phone do know that the outcomes are bizzare. TurboScan is a notable document scanner that influences in a scale & context of camera shots to out-turn a smooth document photocopy. As for ex, if focusing a document with the application at a certain angle, this application will look for the document’s  margins & convert the captured snap of the document into a plain rectangular photocopy identical to a conventional scanner.


Main Objective – Project outlining + cooperation

Mobiles – iPhone + Android

Specifics – Certain assigned works needs the unpolished aspect, while all others are better apportioned with a broad view. This is what Trello overtures for both individual productivity & for teamwork assignments that need associational input. The podium functions in real duration crosswise all devices; from smart phones to laptops to tablets to desktops, where networks looking like corkboards.


The Google Drive suite of applications is dynamic when it’s all about productivity. In the first place you will be having Google Drive, a cloud storage application where you can cache actually any and every form of file & dole out these with friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Above all, you have Google Keep + G Docs + G Sheets +  G Slides  + Google Photos. United, these applications veils the need virtually concerning file storage, file sharing, office applications, note taking, and also photo cache.


Microsoft Apps is an application that presents you most of the applications that Microsoft has allocated on Play Store. An array of applications that can improve your productivity, inclusive of  Microsoft Word + M Excel + M PowerPt + OneNote + Outlook + Cortana, & others.  It is mostly like Google Drive, this is a set of applications that functions altogether to deliver you with one close-knitted reality.

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