Top 5 Parenting Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple has revolutionized the era of technology and now we have thousands of apps which are available across online stores. These apps range from n number of functions out of which we will be discussing about five apps basically which are focused towards parenting.

Best Parenting Apps for iPhone and iPad- Baby Monitor

This is another interesting application designed for iPads and iPhones which lets you monitor your little wonder. You can monitor the sleeping postures of your baby as well as your other children. This app gives you the liberty to not only send text messages but also call your kids. You can also monitor when your elder kids are coming back home from school.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

If you are a strict parent who wishes to keep their family well organized and at the same time you are a tech freak, then maybe Cozi family is the perfect app for you. It lets you organize almost everything. Schedules, birthdays, journals, calendars, shopping lists. This is one of the most extensive parenting toolbox applications that have been designed for iPhone and iPad users.

SitOrSquat: Bathroom finder

 SitOrSquat holds a high value for almost anyone as it serves a purpose which takes the life out of most of us. Imagine lost in a new city and walking around with a disturbed bladder without knowing where a toilet is. Your iPhone of iPad can help you in this case as this software detects your position via satellite and gives you details of the nearest toilets in the vicinity.

Grocery Gadget – Shopping items

Grocery Gadget was designed for the sole purpose of helping people to remember the list of items that they have to bring from the grocery store. Going to the grocery store to buy hoards of things can be tough if one has to remember everything properly but this is an app which takes all the troubles of memorizing grocery items away. Thus, this is one app that is strongly recommended to Apple users.

Total Baby

Total baby is considered as one of the best applications for babies as it has almost everything that a tech-savvy parents needs to make sure their baby stays happy and healthy. There were two application magazines which featured this app and it was taken really well by those who used it. This app comes with a wide variety of tools which can be used to make sure that the caring of baby is done in an organized manner. Thus, putting this app to use is something that we would like to recommend to all those parents who are tech-savvy and all those who wish to be tech-savvy.

Thus, these are the range of applications that are considered as top 5 parenting applications for iPhone and iPad users. So those parents who are tech-savvy should definitely buy an iPhone or iPad and download the above give parenting applications as these help in keeping the family organized in every manner.

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