Top 5 Best Web Browsers (Mostly Used) in 2017

With a lot of web browsers out there to choose from, almost everyone among us has our own personal favorite web browser. Sometimes, we get so much used to the working of the current web browser that we use, that we stick to them at all times and do not even care to check out the other web browsers out there.

However, the fact is that no two web browsers are the same. Some web browsers may load webpages super-quick whereas other web browsers may consume more of your system resources or maybe more power, in case you are using a laptop or similar machines.

So, the key here is to check out and spend some time with some of the best web browsers out there to find out which suits you and your requirements the most. And to help you out, today we feature a list of the top 5 best web browsers that are mostly used in 2017.

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Google Chrome

Well, when we say a list on the most used best web browsers in 2017, the list cannot begin without listing the Google Chrome web browser. Coming straight out of the internet giant, the Chrome browser is one of the most commonly used web browser out there.

The Google Chrome web browser is super-fast in loading webpages and is stable across all the operating systems that it supports. Even though the Google Chrome browser is often charged for consuming way too much system resources like RAM, if you want a complete browser experience across all your devices, then the Google Chrome is the browser you need.


Have a limited bandwidth connection? Then the Opera browser is the one for you.

The quality of the Opera browser makes it one of the best out there. With a simple and clean interface, webpage compression and data saving features and an inbuilt ad-blocker, the Opera browser is indeed one among the best ever web browser out there.

Plus, opera does not track you. 🙂

Microsoft Edge

After killing the legacy Internet Explorer, Microsoft came up with the Edge browser within the Windows 10 operating system.  Microsoft has prepared the Edge browser with user friendliness in mind and that is very evident from the clean and minimalistic look and feel of the browser.

Similar to what Google does with Chrome, Microsoft has tried to link its core Windows 10 features like Cortana with the Edge browser so as to give you a better web browser experience, and still continues to bring new and useful features with every update for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge is one of the safest web browsers till date. If you are more interested in safety and security, Microsoft Edge is your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Before the launch of the Google Chrome, the Mozilla Firefox was the best web browser out there and also the best alternative to Internet Explorer. Even following the years of dominance of Google Chrome, the Firefox browser is still one of the best web browsers out there.

Even though it does not feature any minimal or impressive design like its other competitors, the performance of the Mozilla Firefox browser is at par with any other web browser in this list. And with its huge list of available extensions, the Mozilla Firefox is also one of the most customizable web browser out there.


In this list of major players, Vivaldi might be a new one. And what makes the Vivaldi web browser one of the best web browsers of 2017 is mainly its user interface and features. For basics, the Vivaldi browser can take up the color scheme of the website that is currently loaded on the browser.

Apart from the UI features, other features like an inbuilt note-taking application also makes the Vivaldi browser really popular. If you are bored using all the major web browsers out there including the ones mentioned in this list, then you must check out the Vivaldi web browser for a change.

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