Movavi Slideshow Maker-A Slideshow Creator that Offers More than Any other Program

Ask any business executive and they would say that they expect more from their slideshow creator application? Haven’t you felt that there is so much you could have added to your presentations to impress your potential customers or clients in a better way? Movavi Slideshow Maker allows you to create just the perfect slideshow and videos that you want. Add any special effects, transitions, titles, music and any element to create the most stunning and impressive presentations or videos you want.

What can you do with Movavi Slideshow Maker?

You can do so much with this slideshow creator.
• Create any type of slideshow using easy-to-use tools
• Add special effects, music, titles, captions, transitions and much more
• Import different types of media files including pictures, videos and audio files (import hundreds of file formats)
• Get output in all the commonly used video formats used on all the leading computer and mobile devices
This slideshow creator also allows you to improve the media files’ quality. Combine with animated transitions, captions, filters and create just the perfect presentations you have wanted for professional or personal pursuits.

Ease of Use

The Movavi Slideshow Maker is designed for ease of use. The steps are easy to follow for anyone with basic computer skills. It offers more compared to other presentation programs without the need for advanced skills or knowledge.

The steps are as simple as following:

  • Add Media Files: Add video clips to your presentations to make them more engaging and informative. You can also add slides and different types of media files from all the commonly used formats including BMP to XWD (images), 3GPP to PAL (video), and AAC to AMR (audio). It also allows importing large number of files from a folder.
  • Add Transitions: This slideshow creator offers 3 different categories of transitions that have over 90 transitions between them. Choose Simple, Artistic or Geometric transitions and connect your slides in any way you want. You can also add fades to the clips.
  • Add Music: Want to have an engaging music for your presentation? Movavi Slideshow Maker has its own set of default tracks to choose from. You may also import your own audio file. The slideshow creator also allows you to automatically adjust the slide’s duration based on the tempo.
  • Add Effects & Titles: Audio and video clips are highly effective in engaging your audience, but you will still need text to present facts and figures. With this software you can add stylish captions that make your textual information more appealing and memorable. There are over 40 styles to choose from. And when it comes to special effects and filters, you can choose from over 160 options.

Once your presentation is complete, you can save it in any video format. The slideshow creator allows you to export your presentation in all the commonly used video formats. This includes MP4, MPG, AVI, MOV, 3GPP, 3GPP2, FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, WebM and much more. Run presentations from any mobile device, TV and even on projectors.

Key Features

The Movavi Slideshow Maker is not only easy to use, it offers a series of features that make it a better slideshow creator than the commonly used platforms.

  • Vertical Video Correction: Your ordinary slideshow software doesn’t allow you to remove black sidebars from videos.
  • Easy Horizon Leveling: The crop and rotate feature allows you to level any titled media.
  • Enhance Quality: It take just a click to improve the quality of video and images.
  • Pan & Zoom: Pan and zoom the images manually or set it for automatic motion
  • Add Voiceover: Add voiceovers to give a more professional feel and build a personal rapport with the audience.

The slideshow creator also has a set of audio editing tools that allow you to refine sounds. Remove any unwanted noise in the audio files, normalize and equalize the sound, and do much more.

Movavi Slideshow Maker offers sophisticated features combined with easy-to-use interface. All you have to do is click and choose the right options to create impressive slideshows. Export your presentations in video formats and share, send and present to your target audience with utmost ease. It is the perfect slideshow creator that offers more than any other program out there.

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