Samsung Galaxy S8 Review and Rating – All You Need To Know

‘Setting forth the Striking Infinity Display’ Samsung Galaxy S8

The innovative design of the Galaxy S8 begins through and through strikingly.  All you can see is transparent content & implicitly no bezel. It’s the largest &, most mesmeric screen on a Samsung Galaxy smart phone. And it’s convenient to hold in just one hand.

Samsung galaxy s8 review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design

  • No Boundaries
  • The Infinity Display has an astounding end-end screen that pours over the phone’s edges, completes an entirely smooth, endless surface with no interruptions. It’s transparent, immaculate & uninterrupted glass. It embraces the front of the phone completely, rolling flawlessly into the aluminum frame. The conclusion is an attractively curved, perfectly in shape, remarkable object.
  • Galaxy S8 is break freebie from the environs of bezels, contributing a smooth, endless surface that rolls uninterruptedly over the edges.
  • Default resolution: Full High Definition and can also be converted to Quad HD+
  • The Galaxy S8 screen size: 14.65cm (5.8) – full rectangle & 14.33cm (5.6) when computing for the round rims (diagonally measured).
  • You can text while you are watching a movie or you can also make a list now while you are browsing. The larger screen now makes it easier for multitasking.

A camera made for every split second

Samsung galaxy s8

Seize life as it transpires with the Galaxy S8 camera.

Rear camera12MP

Front camera8MP, so detailed & fast that you would never slip a moment, whether it’s day or night.

Security- Goof proof

Snoopy eyes are not a headache when you have iris scanning feature on Galaxy S8. Every individual have irises which have unique patterns, & it’s impossible to clone. That means that your phone is totally protected.


  • Iris scanning
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • Pattern unlock
  • Password protection
  • PIN protection


It’s dashing, even when rain pours down!

That’s why Galaxy S8 is impelled by the World’s leading ever 10nm processor. It’s very fast, robust & accelerates battery performance. You can even operate it in rain/ dust, no matter what. [IP68 scoring (Dust + Water Resistant) i.e. the device is secured against access of solid foreign bodies/ objects & inimical entrance of static water at up to 1.5m (up to 30 minutes), beneath certain exemplified assessment conditions. (Results may vary).

Applications launch expeditiously & battery entity is longer: Galaxy S8 is faster and better-operating phones (10nm processor that races on 20% less power).


Say howdy to Bixby!

galaxy bixby

Bixby entirely advances the way you mesh with your phone. It’s an exclusive assistant that grasps talk, wordings/texts & nozzles so that you are never grounded to 1 mode of interaction. It also fully renovates the idea how you use your phone. It’s made so astonishingly easy.

Smart Switch

Turnover your phone, but memories are kept safely.

From photos, videos to contacts & music, Smart Switch allows you to conveniently relocate your memories from the old one to the brand new Galaxy S8 of yours.

Imperceptible but reachable (home key)

The new exploration keys are no offbeat from the physical ones which were used before. They are just astonishingly camouflaged, unless you need them. The home key is present where it generally happens to be & it functions as usual with a smooth press.

LTE & Wi-Fi

Now, quicker downloads!

Galaxy S8 is Gigabit LTE + Gigabit Wi-Fi accessible. Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi supports 1024-QAM, that means you gain up to 20% quicker download acceleration in contrast to the former model.


Audio fanatics, time to exult! You can now listen to music as it is meant to be.  As, Galaxy S8 have high quality 32-bit PCM plus DSD64/128 playback backing feature in it.


Now, deleting is not an option anymore, keep more.  Galaxy S8 is provided with expandable memory up to 256GB.


Buy it for:  Rs.64, 900.00

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rating – 4.8 Stars

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