Review of Excellent Nexus 4 tablet

Nexus 4 is a great launch by LG. With the launch it has earned a great market share and became most wanted to the customers.  It has come up with User friendly features and an outstanding facility that has risen is demand sky high. Starting from outlook to inner program and performance everything is just so good to handle. Let us have a look in details on the device.



Nexus 4 carries a look as simple as an ordinary smartphone. But having a close view a lot of details will come into observation. It has a corning Gorilla display with carved corners that helps the fingers to move smoothly over the screen. There is a metallic band that runs around the phone and at the same time one will find a glass protector at the back. Apart from this Nexus 4 weighs 139grams and it is truly a handy piece.


The 4.7 inch display featured in Nexus 4 is undoubtedly the best possible display as of now. The 320 per in pixel provides the users a crystal clear and enlarged images along with vibrancy and brightness. Other than these sharp video and movie display makes the display more loving to the users all because of its excellent display.


Fulfilling the users’ earnest desire LG has incorporated an 8MP camera in Google Nexus 4. At the same time it provides an upgraded sensor that also had a sky high demand. The excellent quality camera easily gets by the outside light and flash helps it to get coped up with low lighted area.

The Android Jelly Bean and 360 degree Photosphere with 4.2 updated Jelly Bean make the feature more interesting. The panorama mode of the camera adds some extra essence to the camera.


LG has incorporated an outstanding battery back up in Nexus 4.Initially it was hoped that the users can have a daylong battery backup without any harassment.  But in actual the situation is a bit different. Having multiple features along with high speed networking and browsing facility, the battery supports till evening without any stop. Too much usage and net surfing automatically hampers the battery backup.


In a very little time LG Nexus 4 is able to win a lot of heart not only because of its advanced features and facilities but also for its remarkable performance.  At the present time having tough competitors like Samsung, Apple and many more if Nexus 4 is leading with a great market share it is mostly because of its performance. Starting from its outlook to camera, Menu routing to mainframe everything is so well done. Along with these games and display makes it more desirable to the customers. There are lots more interesting things featured in Nexus 4 like Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC that assures that Nexus 4 is wireless Smartphone.

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