Must Have Apps on your iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is the best iPhone Apple has ever made. With the perfect combination of hardware and software, the iPhone 7 is still the Smartphone to beat, even though several months have passed since its official launch and many other Smartphones from competing manufacturers have released.

If you have recently bought the Apple iPhone 7 and if you are in search for the best must have apps in your iPhone 7, then here we are with a list of the best iOS applications that we feel must be installed on your iPhone 7.

4 Top Must Have Apps on iPhone 7

Adobe Photoshop Fix

One of the key features of the Apple iPhone 7 is its camera indeed. It features a lot of improvements both in terms of software and hardware in comparison with the previous generation iPhone and any other Smartphone out there in general.

Even though the camera quality of the Apple iPhone 7 is great enough to capture stunning images, some time you may require a simple editing tool to retouch your photos in order to create the best photos to share on your social media profile or even to frame them.

Well, the Adobe Photoshop Fix is the best iOS app out there for your purpose and tops our list of the must have apps on your iPhone 7 in 2017. The Photoshop fix application provides you with the best and most commonly required features from Photoshop that allows you to retouch your photos.

Infinity Blade III

The Apple iPhone 7 features the A10 fusion chipset which offers much better performance than any other chips Apple has ever made. So to get the most out of your iPhone 7 in terms of performance, you must have a highly graphic-intense game installed.

Even though the Infinity Blade III has crossed 3 years since it was officially announced, the game is still indeed one of the best and most graphic-intense games available for iOS. The overall gameplay and graphics of the Infinity Blade III for iOS game is so cool, that once you start playing you surely will get addicted to it and will no longer turn to any other iOS games.

Swiftkey Keyboard

When Apple decided to add support for third-party keyboard applications, the Swiftkey was one among the first to jump aboard. Swiftkey is one of the best third-party keyboards out there. What makes Swiftkey so popular is that it learns a lot from the way you use the keyboard and over times gives you better word predictions with less error thus helping you to type faster.

So if you are in search for the best keyboard alternatives in iOS, the Swiftkey iOS app is something that you should check out first.

Google Chrome

The Safari browser that comes inbuilt within iOS is indeed one of the best mobile browsers out there. However, the Google Chrome browser is still the most preferred web browser across all the major platforms mainly because it features direct integration with all the key Google features and services. Moreover, the Google Chrome browser is also one of the fastest web browser out there.

So if you are a heavy user of Google services or if you feel that the Safari browser is kind of slow, then the Google Chrome for iOS is what you need.

Final Words

With millions of applications available in the Apple App Store, it is not at all possible to list all the best iOS apps within a small list. But the above mentioned iOS apps are the ones that we feel should be present in every iPhone 7 devices out there.

If you wish to add some of your personal best must have iPhone 7 apps to the above list, then please do mention them as comments below.

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