Microsoft to add Outlook to Windows RT

Microsoft, the top leading IT Company is soon going to present a new innovation to its Windows RT tablets. As desired by the users, Microsoft is adding up Outlook to the Window RT tablets. This updating information of Microsoft Outlook was announced on June 5, 2013. The Outlook will be added to Microsoft’s Office suite, which is incorporated in the Window tabs. It will be the part of Windows 8.1, which is now available free of cost and its testing will begin by end of June. The Outlook will be officially released by the end of this year, as confirmed by the sources. It will be highly beneficial to the users, who find it difficult to work within the Webmail Environment. All the features running on Windows RT will be highly simplified and easy to use.

This new Outlook will certainly enhance the basic e-mail program into a more featured and impressive one. The new update in Windows RT will have more personalization options that will be a benefit to all the users who are currently operating Windows 8.1. The Outlook will be adjoined to the Surface and other RT gadgets by an update from the respective Windows Store. In this, the Outlook will be added to all the Office RT applications, such as Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. The tablets like Dell XPS 10, Lenovo’s Yoga 11, Microsoft Surface RT and many more use the new Outlook. This will be a mail app version of Microsoft demanded by the Window Outlook users who are currently using the RT tablets.

Microsoft has also adding application of calendar to this new version of Outlook. The former features of Microsoft Outlook will stay as it is. It will manage the contacts in similar former way. The new added outlook to Windows RT has restored some of the function keys to their usual form. For instance, Fn+Caps bolts the F1-F12 keys and undo the same. The Fn functions will activate other print screen features, increase and decrease the screen brightness, and perform other functions as well.

For those who are seeking a good element for their business purpose, surely Outlook in Windows RT is going to be a boon for them. Coming up to the benefits, it comprises direct booting to the desktop and a better VPN (Virtual Private Network) support. The main benefit given by Microsoft to existing owners of RT devices is that they can update their windows free of cost. Windows RT work on ARM-powered slabs, instead of the Chips and it has to be approved by the Microsoft team. The distribution will be carried out through the Windows Store. For the first month of its launch, it will be combined with a free cover that makes the Surface more impressive for the users and they won’t even mind to spend a little more bucks over it. This new update of adding Outlook to Windows RT will surely boost the sale of small Windows Tablets and soon going to persuade users as well.

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