Latest Mobile Phones to buy in June 2017

The mobile phone industry is expanding rapidly and massively and there are many different phones that got out a few months ago and that you are able to buy them without any problems. Even though we expect the new and important moments in portable device technology, we can present you 5 latest mobile phones to buy in June 2017:

latest mobile phones

Samsung Galaxy S8

This is the latest Samsung’s Galaxy series that became one of the best Android phones available. It contains all important features similar to its previous versions; however, it contains top hardware that you can find today on the mobile phone market. There is a possibility to unlock your phone with just your eyes and great voice assistant that is named Bixby. It is the latest generation of Samsung phones that contains great specifications, however, its price is also high so in order to buy you have to contain big budget.

Moto Z

It is considered as one of the thinnest phone available on the market. With amazing design and extra features, you will be able to protect this phone even better than previous versions. It is similar to LG G5; however, it contains creative accessories, fingertip sensors. Moto Z is the world’s thinnest phone, which means that they have a reduced size of the battery and that is why there is no headphone jack, which is not so good if we have in mind that all of us use it also for listening to the music.’

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Galaxy s8 plus smartphone

This particular Galaxy phone is different than the previous one because it is a smaller device with great features that you will enjoy. It is very easy to use and with it and you is going to buy a smartphone that contains the best display on the market and fingertip sensor for unlocking the device. It contains a great front camera for selfies and power setup that you will have in order to unlock your phone.

OnePlus 3T

Even though many people consider this particular device as the best Android phone on the market, this particular Chinese company made a great smartphone with a better processor, bigger battery and improved camera that will make you ecstatic. The design is the same as the previous version and display is made with AMOLED. You will be able to unlock it with a fingerprint scanner and if you decide to purchase this amazing smartphone you will not regret because you will get something different.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Xperia XZ premium

If you want to enjoy 4K resolution this is the cellphone for you.  Even though many fans waited for it to come together, what you will get by purchasing this particular device is solid battery life, amazing display, and strong snapper. If you are a movie lover, you will not use PC anymore because you will get the effect of 4K which is something different. Even though it has many important features that will make your life easier, its design is considered sleek and plastic.

We have presented you 5 latest mobile phones to buy in June 2017 and you have to know that we chose the high-end devices that are expensive but after you purchase them you will get the computer in the pocket.

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