iOS 6 Upgrade- Download New Features

Apple’s iOS 6 has been launched and is available for download. Apple says that its iOS6has 200 new features that were not present in iOS5, though only a handful is noticeable. Though there are many new adjustments under the hood, there are only a few features that are instantly noticed. Here are the favorites that one has to check out.

iOS 6 Upgrade- Download New Features



The new dialler is awesome. The dialler is probably the most important and unnoticed feature of the iPhone, but the additions the iOS 6 has added, makes  it easier to handle calls during those busy working hours. The iOS 6 has added another option besides the usual slide to talk and decline buttons, now you can remind yourself to ring back the caller later or send a text message if you can’t take the call. Another new feature added in thisiOS 6 update is the do not disturb feature. This feature enables you to mute your calls and notifications by themselves between certain hours of the day or night. This comes handy, especially, during those meetings or appointments where you can’t take calls.


The kind of integration iOS earlier had with twitter, iOS 6, now also has it with Facebook. You can change your status updates from the Notification center’s drop down menu, but regrettably you cannot perform an image update from there. This useful feature will surely top the list in the next updates.


Maps are a disappointment, as the application is deficient of Google. Apple has in place adopted information from TomTom and Yelp. Though the new interface of maps in iOS 6 is sleek and beautiful it does not live up to the expectations and lacks functionality. The point of interest database (POI) is poor and lacks usability. Apple hopefully is working on it to mend this huge hole. Siri has been integrated with Maps in iOS 6, and can dictate turn by turn navigation. Another drawback- Google does not have any standalone app to cover this gap created by iOS 6 maps.


Siri sadly still isn’t enough smart. She now knows more about movies and can even make a reservation at a swank new Japanese restaurant or your local diner, but that is not up to the expectations. Siri does not have any API hook ups to allocate third party apps to have them controlled by voice. Siri is still just able to open apps and not work with them.


The camera app got some UI changes, particularly the dark theme throughout iOS 6. But the most exciting feature is the new panorama mode, though it is only supported by the newest of the hardware from apple’s stables like the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the 5th Gen iPod touch and iPad. To take a picture with the panorama, go to options and select panorama – it’s this simple! The interface has a rectangle with an arrow directing you to move your phone in that direction.

So, get yourself an Apple iOS 6 upgrade and flaunt your style!

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