How to Make Your Computer More Secure

It is not a new thing to say, that computers and its peripherals are today an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Irrespective of the use it is put into a computer is undoubtedly true that every task we do today is somehow or the other accomplished through the computer. While previously only MNCs and IT firms used to operate computers, today the device is in every household and even in the grocery and stationery stores.

Now if by any chance the computers in these places go out of service, it is quite clear that the whole operation system will face a big trouble. This is exactly why it is important to keep these machines safe, so they keep running. This article offers a study on three very effective means of securing a personal or official computer.

Purchase Authentic Antivirus

Computers are primarily affected by unwelcome viruses. Therefore it is important to install a paid antivirus in the computers. This is a very crucial step and shouldn’t be overlooked. Antivirus software can primarily be of two types.

  1. The first kind refers to those which come for free. Though these software are effective but their efficiency lacks the fulfillment of a paid antivirus. A paid version would any day offer a better coverage than the free version. Avira, Avast and AVG are free antivirus. You can install them for free and run them. But the truth is that there is no wisdom in saving a few bucks while you risk the safety of your machine.
  2. On the other hand, the second type, i.e. the paid versions is far more efficient. They safeguard your machine 24 hours a day. They are best in keeping sneak attacks at bay. It is always to chose paid antivirus options, they do a far better job than the free versions.

Firewall Protection


Whenever you decide to navigate through the internet, you must keep in mind that you would have to activate the firewall protection. People who run their computers on the Windows OS will have a firewall included. However, as they say prevention is always better than cure, hence it would be wise to know about the firewalls that exist, other than the Windows Firewall. One would also get to access free Firewalls. You can just type in the exact keywords in a search engine browser to conduct a search on free firewalls and you shall have all the necessary information. However, for all the people who are not that tech savvy, the Windows Firewall is the best option.

Update the Browser

When you are accessing the computer, there can be several security loops that your computer is vulnerable to. An outdated computer browser can be one of the reasons of these loops. Therefore it is important that you keep on updating the browser continuously, always get the updated version of the browser. As a result the chances of online threats are reduced. There are certain browsers which would keep themselves auto updated.


There can be several other methods of securing one’s computer, one of them being, changing the password regularly. Try to keep a password that is alphanumeric and if possible consists of some symbols as well. This is how you can get a unique password.

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