How To Increase Youtube Views

Youtube is the second largest search engine, and that’s what now it is being called all over the places. Many experts have said that if you are in an entertainment field, then you should have access to youtube and the entertainment brand should be using youtube at the maximum level to promote the products and films.

Experts have advised newcomers to start their records, labels and other entertainment acts to upload on the Youtube to promote themselves to the maximum audience.

If you are a Youtube artist, who is planning to make huge in the video platform, then you are at the right spot because I have successfully attracted around 1,333,000 millions of views with just two videos.

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How To Increase Youtube Views

There are many aspects on how you can gain more views in a short period but what I would say that if your content is based on popular topic, then you are talking.

Focus on Optimization

This is the first and common factor you can find on any website or blog but what I would say that think a little different. What you have to do is to follow few steps.

  • Make a video on Popular Topics, for example: Pokemon Go.
  • Make sure that your video is entertaining, educating and useful to others.
  • Attractive Title, do a keyword research using keyword planner, add over 300-word count of description and place keywords. (Use the description properly, so that you will rank on Google quickly).

Use Google Search Engine

Use Google keyword planner and Video keyword planner for keywords that people are searching for and remember Youtube is high ranked site so will rank in a matter of hours.

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Use Social Media

If you are beginner then it is not an easy task to build an audience but you can ask your Youtube viewers to like your facebook (Permanent Viewers).


So these were some of the common but very effective tips i have used to drive over a 1M views on Youtube. For More info click here

Update: You will now need more than 10,000 views in your video to be eligible for demonetization. Google has made it compulsory a month back.  For More Updates Visit:

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