How to Fix Computer Screen at Home

It is not common for laptop and desktop displays to crack or have dead pixels. Even though when faced with such a scenario most of us opt to run to the nearest computer repair shop, fixing a computer screen can be done at home itself without the need of visiting a computer repair shop and paying extra cash in repair charges anytime you face with such a problem.

If you have decided to fix your computer screen at home itself, and if you are in search for some tips that can help you commit no mistakes while fixing computer screen at home, then today we present you an article with some tips and ways by which you can fix any computer screen at home itself.

broken computer screen

Should you opt to fix your Computer Screen At Home?

Fixing a computer screen at home may sound like the best and the cheapest option that providing it for repair. However, repairing a computer screen yourself at home may not be the best idea in all cases. Before you actually decide to repair a computer screen at home, make sure you consider the below 2 points:

  1. Does your computer/laptop come have either a retail or manufacturer warranty? If yes, is the product still under warranty?
    If the answers to both the questions are yes, then the best and the most logical idea to fix your computer screen will be to claim warranty for your computer screen. Because no matter what, professional help and repair is always better than personal repair (if experience is less).
  2. Do you have all the necessary tools required to fix your computer screen at home?
    Screw drivers of different sizes, compatible nails and nail holders etc., are some of the very essentials tools and prerequisites in case you decide to repair computer screen at home. So, if you lack the essential and necessary tools, do make sure you have them ready before repairing computer screen at home.

Once you have checked both the points above and is still ready to carry out repairing job for your computer display at home, then below is how you can do the same.

Check the Power Supply

In case you turn ON your computer screen and no lights are displayed anywhere on the monitor including the power indicator LED’s, then chances are high that the power cord that connects your computer display to the power source is damaged.

Arrange for a spare cable, connect it the display and try again. If this trick does not help, then proceed to the next trick.

Repair Dead Pixels on Computer Screen

If the entire computer screen is not damaged and the problem are a few dead pixels on your computer screen. Then you can try any of the following tricks:

  • Wrap a pencil tip with a non-abrasive piece of cloth and rub on the dead pixels of the display with only medium strength.
  • Download, install and run any pixel repair software solutions that are available online.
  • Use hardware solutions that are used to repair dead pixels on a computer screen.

Replace the Display Panel

Replacing the display panel of a computer monitor might be the most difficult task that you can do at home. As said above, do make sure that you have the correct and necessary tools required to replace computer screen at home.

Moreover, do make sure the new display that you are replacing the broken display with, is of the same dimensions as your current display and that it also has the connectors at the same spot as the older display.

Final Words

Fixing a computer screen at home may be the most difficult task to do. But provided that you have the right tools and enough basic knowledge on computer screens, fixing computer screen at home can be easy and worth a shot considering the money you may end up saving.

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