How to drive traffic from Instagram – Social Media Tips

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms out there. And with the recent feature additions like the ability to chat with your followers, the ability to post stories and the overall redesigned user interface has now made Instagram a complete social media platform on its own.

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Well, Instagram is very cool and interesting for normal users but if used well enough, can be of great potential to website owners too. This may not be something new to you if you are an avid Instagram user, as nowadays we can see paid and unpaid advertisements from many brands, companies and websites on Instagram.

So if you are a website owner, how can you actually gain some traffic from Instagram?

Today, we are here with some simple yet valuable tips that you can implement in order to gain some valuable social media traffic from Instagram to your website.

How to Gain Website Traffic from Instagram?

So below we have made several points that can help you gain website traffic from Instagram easily:

  • First and foremost, make sure you have two different Instagram accounts: one personal and the other one for your website. Because if you combine both into one, people who are not interested in your website may feel spammed and unfollow you. And as Instagram now allows you to manage multiple profiles simultaneously, this should not be an issue anyhow.
  • Be sure to link to the Instagram profile of your website from within your personal account’s bio section. You can directly link to your website’s Instagram profile by using the “@” symbol.
  • Now once in a while, when something big happens on your website, for example, when a viral content has been published or your website reached a milestone in terms of traffic or ranking, you can share it on your personal Instagram page and on your website’s Instagram page. This way, people following your personal Instagram page will find your website interesting and mostly will start following.
  • When it comes to your website’s Instagram page, make sure to have a proper logo of your website uploaded as the Profile Picture. Also have your bio filled in properly with a link to your website, if possible, shorten the link.
  • Initially, post on different timings of the day to find when your followers are active the most. Once you find a proper schedule, be sure to stay active on those timings daily.
  • If possible, create unique short videos explaining a new post that has been published on your website and give a link to the respective post in the video description.
  • In case you are using images instead of videos, make sure to upload really captive images that can hold the attention of anyone.
  • Instagram paid advertisements is something that you should check out if you have some budget to spend on your website’s advertisement. Instagram advertisements are one of the really effective ways to gain more followers on your Instagram profile and gain more traffic to your website as well.

Final Words on Instagram Marketing Tips

Those were some short yet effective tips on how to drive traffic from Instagram. Hope you liked the social media tips related to Instagram above.

Do share the article and in case you wish to add some effective ways to gain traffic from Instagram to the website, then do mention them as comments below.

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