How to choose the best apps for your smartwatch?

Smartwatches may not be as popular as Smartphones in today’s time, but the trend is slowly gaining pace and more people are moving towards buying a Smartwatch instead of buying an expensive analog or digital watch.

The main attraction of owning a Smartwatch, apart from its physically appealing looks, is its functionality indeed. Similar to a Smartphone, a Smartwatch can also run applications in them and the most commonly used Smartwatch applications are either fitness applications, utility applications or other simple functionality applications.

The two most popular operating systems for Smartwatches right now, the WatchOS from Apple and the Android Wear from Google, both feature a very satisfying list of applications that support the Smartwatches that are out there and are continuously adding new applications to expand the ecosystem.

If you recently bought a Smartwatch, no matter whether powered by WatchOS or Android Wear, and if you are confused on what kind of applications you should have installed on your Smartwatch, then today we are here with a few tips to help you choose the best apps for your Smartwatch.

How to Choose the Best Apps for Smartwatch?

Some of the main purposes of owning a Smartwatch are:

  1. To track our fitness routines and other health related data.
  2. To get faster notifications on messages and calls that is received on the paired Smartphone.
  3. To make quick searches and responses to messages without having to get to the Smartphone all the time.
  4. To unlock the Smartphone whenever the paired Smartwatch is in the vicinity.

There are several applications that can do the above mentioned tasks in a Smartwatch. But the fact is that, most of the Smartwatches come inbuilt with applications and features that can perform almost all the tasks that are mentioned above. Therefore, before downloading a third party application for your Smartwatch, make sure that there is no application that is already available on your Smartwatch that satisfies the requirement. The requirement may be something from the list mentioned above, or some personal requirement of your own.

Smartwatches are expected to run much longer on battery backup that a Smartphone. So, Smartwatches are optimized in all ways possible to offer the best battery backup. However, installing a lot of third party applications will end up draining the battery of your Smartwatch real quick and in turn will pretty much make the reason for having a Smartwatch invalid.

Nowadays, companion applications of almost all the popular Smartphone applications are available for Smartwatches as well. However, installing all the companion applications on your Smartwatch also doesn’t makes sense, as what these companion apps for Smartwatch does the maximum is to just send a push notification on to your Smartwatch, indicating a notification has been received on your Smartphone. And again, to respond or to clearly view the details of the notification received, you will have to launch the main application from your Smartphone anyway. These companion applications does not serve much purpose and contributes a lot in draining the battery of your Smartphone and Smartwatch alike.

To choose the best apps for Smartwatches, the first thing to check out is on whether the inbuilt applications are able to serve your requirement. If not, then go for some third-party applications that does not consume the battery on your Smartwatch a lot. Moreover, if the application you are about to install on your Smartwatch only works as a companion application, then there is no much point in installing the app either.

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