Galaxy Gear Smartwatch to be released on September 4

Smartphones too big for you? Well Samsung is bringing to your nearest stores the new Android powered smart watch named Galaxy Gear. Expected to release on September 4, this year, this new watch is everything you would want from your Android phone, attached to your wrist. It will let you surf the internet, check your emails, and even make phone calls! Wih the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note III’s launch knocking on the door, we can also look forward to the Gear’s launch announcement in Berlin some time soon.

However, according to what the manufacturer is claiming, this watch is not an exact replacement for your smartphone. Though it will be working perfectly for the above mentioned tasks, the Galaxy Gear is more of a companion device than a full fledged replacement for your daily smartphones. This drawback, surprisingly, has drawn more cheers than disappointment. For smartphones and tablet owners, the watch would have been unnecessary had it been a perfect replacement for their present Android smart gadgets.

This revolutionary new Android watch will let you handle all your incoming calls and messages at the same time and when you are well seated n comfortable, you can get your tablet or smartphone out and work on it. We are pretty much sure that this blinding speed of advancement of technology is going to bring about a new era of mobile and portable computers, at the very least for those who will be able to afford it. Looking forward in the same line is also Apple, which is rumoured to manufacture an iWatch, stringing forth competition as usual.

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