Few Crucial Tips For Safe Online Shopping Experience

Let’s face it, we all today love to shop online. We all are gradually getting trapped in the world of online shopping and for this, your blame is not right. Indeed, it’s the digital world that’s taking the whole world on its toll. So we do not need reasons to shop, we create them. The most important thing that reminds us when we shop is the security and the best deals on the product you are looking for. I wanted to tell you about bargaining here. If your shopping is secure, then your shopping is mind-boggling.

Why online shopping?

As discussed in the above paragraph, there are many reasons to go for online shopping but at times people create as well. Per say it’s easy, convenient, just in few clicks, easy payment options, return policy and much more. So you see now reasons can be many.

How does security impacts online shopping experience?

But not to miss here is that the bad guys will not wait and can disturb your online shopping experience. For example, IID’s Third Quarter eCrime Report which was released in 2011 indicates that use of phishing attacks, where the hackers steal the personal sign-in credentials and credit card details by pretending that they are real. This percentage has reached high as much as eight percent since the second quarter and 11% since the 3rd quarter of the last year.

This isn’t good news though! Some more facts for you – the report says that websites with malware that has malicious code aimed at compromising with your privacy and this figures have increased by 89% since the 2nd quarter. So what’s next, Ohh no, don’t worry, stay calm. Alarming stuff keeps happening these stats are just to keep you guys informed on the vulnerability of online shopping. This article will tell you to focus on some points and will offer guidelines for a pleasing online shopping experience. And also, as you are reading this article, it should be safe bet that you can also shop online. Let’s jump directly to some best ways to have safe online shopping:

Security details should not be revealed

An online store will ask for your credit card and debit card details, address, phone number, billing information and email address. This is a lot of information, thus it is quite important that you should not reveal all these information abruptly to any online store. The more you reveal, the greater is the risk of identity theft. At times some website also asks for Social Security number or a driver’s license number, this can be more dangerous if revealed instantly. Thus, be safe!

Bargains that bite

This point is related to the Phishing attacks. We all love shopping and going through attractive emails from the online stores. When it is about offers and discounts then it is a not to miss for all. But there is a possibility that your emails that sound or look real to you are not real. Your inbox might have loads of emails but the companies who are sending these are not genuine. This is called Phishing attacks and can put you in trouble. These sort of fake missives are used by cybercriminals to trick you. Be aware!

Don’t get stuck into honeypot

Be cautious of the honeypot. These days setting up a website is very easy and not at all a costly affair. Technically also it is a very simple affair and easy too. But just bear in mind that do not get trapped with the undercut and huge discounts as they call it a high-street fashion stores. Possibly, here you are getting trapped for money, don’t be aware. Keep checking the website and the server security on a timely basis and install apt security certificates such as SSL certificates and EV SSL certificates.

Always look for the authenticity of the company and check the testimonials as well. This may help you to get a clear idea on the reliability of the online stores and their security features. It might seem harsh, but for the small businesses or start-ups our advice is to simply shop on sites that you know are trustable.

At the checkout

Checkout is the most crucial page and steps when you shop online as here we give our maximum information. According to research and studies from experts of Entrust, if your website has an EV – extended validation certificate in the address bar then it will turn green and the company name will display. All this offers security to the site and it can be trusted to shop. Let’s take a quick brief on Secure Sockets Layers – SSL, these are used thoroughly to ensure that your information is secure and encrypted. Do not forget to check out the padlock within your browser, which is a very important feature to have EV SSL certificate. Also, be careful when using the public computer and ensure that you do not leave any password open unless you are sure about the malware of the computer being used.

Try changing your passwords frequently

Understanding that changing the passwords regularly and keeping them safe and remembering them is such a pain in the neck. But, wait; We insist the passwords be changed for the online accounts. In order to keep your information safe while transacting or doing online shopping, it is very important to change the passwords for your social media accounts. Also, it is crucial to have a mix of passwords for the accounts for 3 or 6 months, not more than this. Make a strong password, with numeric, characters, special characters, upper case and lower case. Then it becomes vulnerable for the hackers to crack.

Have a check on return and terms and conditions

Online stores are easy to use and offer a variety of products and services, but it becomes imperative to see if the return policy and terms and conditions are suiting you. See if in case you shall return your product for any said reason, you shall not feel cheated. And this is possible only when you have a sound return policy. Therefore, do a run a check on the return policy.

Update your browser

Each new version of your Internet browser should be updated; this boosts your website’s security. The older versions often leave a room for the hackers to get easily into your website, thus be aware and let your operating system and server be fed with the updated version of software and antivirus software.

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