Download Sky Drive for Android Phone

Now with the sky drive for your android phone, you can share, connect and browse as many files as you want to from anywhere and everywhere!  You can also share or upload any video from your phone at a go. It is a place where you can keep files and access them virtually from any device that you wish to. It has the following features-

Managing folders

The sky drive apps provide the users with managing the folders, while helping them with creating, deleting both old and new folders.


This app helps in both uploading of pictures and videos from your phone thus is very handy for a social media addict.


This app is also handy in syncing the files amongst each other so that every file stays up to date.

Quick & easy access

One can access the files that have been saved in their sky drive from any other Android app.

If you are a Microsoft Sky drive user, download this fun and useful app for sure! A minimum of 2.3 android is required for sky drive to run, however, Microsoft notifies that the drive works best with the 4.0 android. With sky drive, Microsoft is competing with the services like Sugarsync, Google drive, Apple’s iCloud, however, it offers the users more free space for storage (up to 7 GB) and the free space is generally cheaper than all the other competing platforms. Microsoft is providing a variety of updates to the customer. The app for Android mobile will include, supporting all the files from the SD card, ability to rename files and folders and a custom sort of view to all it’s downloader’s. All the updates should be available within 48 hours.


A free application, when downloaded gives a very sleek and custom view of Windows 8. Similar to Google drive or Dropbox, it lets you do anything and everything. The navigation buttons present, lets you toggle between the tile and list mode, upload a file and create a new folder and refresh. The share button available send out a link, so that your friend can directly view the file on your sky drive and the export button available makes you send the actual file via Gmail, post it to Facebook and more.

If one want to edit their files, it can be downloaded locally, and then a third party app can be used to edit it successfully. Available with the stylish look, it is very functional and is built in such a way that it syncs automatically. The only feature it lacks is a password protection along with a built in way to enable editing office documents online.

In short, with Sky Drive experience the quickest access to your files, by storing your files in the Sky Drive, which will be synced with your personal computer and thus can be reached at ease.

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