Best Software for Writers

If you are a writer, no matter what you write, you will definitely know how important it is to have some writer-oriented software. The main purpose of softwares for writers is to simplify and ease many of the important tasks in a writer’s work.

If you are in search of the best software solutions that can benefit you the most as a writer, then today we are here with a list of the best software for writers that can help you ease up a lot of tasks and save time as well.

Top Best Software for Writers in 2017

best app for writers


Scrivener is one of the most-loved and widely used software for writers. It is a writing software that lets you do the basic task of writing the most efficient way possible, by adding in a lot of necessary features and functionalities.

All the tools that you would need as a part of your writing task, including images, other notes and even relevant webpages can be specially stored within your note, so that each time you need something you get it within the software. Apart from that, the clean and easy to use interface that lets you easily navigate between different writing projects is also something that makes Scrivener really popular.


If you are not already using the Grammarly software, then you are missing a big functionality software for writers like no other. Grammarly automates the task of finding grammar, punctuation and spelling errors that may occur while writing.

Any mistake that may occur on your writing is underlined specifically and not just that, a solution for the error, no matter a spelling, grammar or punctuation error is also provided within, that can be implemented with just a single click.


Evernote is a perfect application that every writer must have installed in their system. Because many a time, writing in the same device may seem boring or you may find it convenient to switch devices at times to better match the situations.

Well, for the purpose of portability of your writing work, Evernote is the best solution out there. The Evernote software for writers allows you to conveniently sync your work across devices so that you can resume your writing just from where you left off, no matter which device you choose to use.

Moreover, another key advantage of using the Evernote software for Windows is that in case you come across some new points that you would like to mention in your content or in case you come with a new content idea and if you are unable to write about it at the moment, you can save them up on Evernote and focus on the same at a later point of time.

Final Words

There are many software for writers out there that can help you save time and increase the quality of your work. The top 3 best software for writers mentioned in this article are the ones we think will help every writer no matter what sort of content they write.

In case you have any other software for writers that you feel should be listed here, please feel free to mention them as comments below so as to help the readers come across more software for writers.

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