Best Smartwatches in 2017

Even though smartwatches are still used by people who exercise frequently in order to track their activities, they contain many more features than other fitness watches. However, even though they are not as popular as smartphones, they are still an important part of the latest technology products. They can give you the possibility to see and reply messages, to listen to music that is connected from your phone and you can get numerous information if you don’t want to use the phone for everything. We present you best Smartwatches in 2017:

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple smartwatch 2

Even though we all have a prejudice about Apple and their own products, we can say without a doubt that their smartwatches are considered as one of the best on the market. The main downfall is their price which is far bigger than other products from this list, but if you decide to purchase, it won’t be necessary to change it at all, no matter what version gets into the spotlight next. You can buy it for $369, and if you decide to use it, don’t be afraid, because it will last for years.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch

We have all heard about Samsung’s smartwatches and their impressive features, and surely we can expect from this particular device that it contains all relevant features along with more enhancements and new design. It is made with a sporty look, however, with classy colors so you will be able to wear it similar as any other watch. It contains the possibility to receive notifications, LTE connectivity and it is water resistant, which is great if you are into running and you don’t want to damage it because of sweat or rain.

LG Watch Style

LG Watch Style smartwatch

LG Watch Style is made with Android Wear 2.0 and it doesn’t have that many features if we compare it to LG Watch Sport, but if you are looking for a cheaper smartwatch that will also provide you with amazing features, this is the device for you. Even though it doesn’t contain GPS, heart rate sensor and NFC for mobile payment, it is still one of the best smartwatches in 2017 because of its stylish design and amazing possibilities that could be synced with your Android phone in a matter of seconds.

LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sport

This particular smartwatch is great because it works with Android Wear 2.0 system and it is a combination of LG and Google manufacturers. It is considered as one of the best smartwatches in 2017. It contains many important features such as built-in GPS, AMOLED display, LTE connectivity, water resistance, possibility to connect it with Android Play and heart rate monitor. It contains only one button which is on the right side and it gives you the possibility to enter through its interface and to navigate much faster than on similar products. Even though, it is probably expensive for many people, if you decide to purchase it you won’t regret because you will get amazing features for just $349.


Smartwatches are not just a future, it is a present, so before you decide to purchase them you have to understand all their features and specifications so that you could buy the one that could follow your every movement and help you in determining how to act during your training hours. We have presented you best smartwatches in 2017, and we cannot say which one of these four is the best, but if you have your own though about it, please feel free to comment bellow and to give us your own review.

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