Best Power Banks to buy in 2017 – Top Portable Chargers for your Smartphones

Smartphones are not the future anymore, we have suppressed them and they became the main part of our everyday lives. However, all these smartphones have different features that we use every day, but the batteries are affected by those features, which mean that you have to charge your smartphone every single day if you want to keep using it. In order to get more power efficiency, we advise you to buy power banks because then you will have additional and extra battery power and therefore you will be able to travel and use it for longer than before. We present you best power banks to buy in 2017:

Zendure A3

Zendure A3 Portable Charger

It contains higher capacity than its predecessor, and it contains the same design that you cannot destroy similar to the previous version. It also contains USB output, and it is a great choice if you want to wear more power for your phone if you are away from your home.

Anker PowerCore 10000

Anker powerbank

Anker PowerCore 10000 is very fast, reliable and what is most important it is affordable, so you will be able to buy it without compromising your own budget. You will be able to find it for less than 20$ which is great if you compare it to other similar products. It is the very compatible gadget for your holiday season.

RavPower PowerStation Series 20100mAh Portable Power Outlet

RAVPower Portable charge

Even though, it contains the similar capacity to Omnicharge, which is great power bank but too expensive, this particular one that we are talking about is easily portable but it lacks LCD screen. It is affordable for its features and you will be able to purchase it for under $100 which is great if you have in mind what you will be able to get for it. After you plug it you will get fast charging possibility.

Zendure A2

Zendure a2

Even though this particular power bank doesn’t contain USB-C support, LCD screen and other features similar to Quick Charge 3.0, it is still considered as one of the best power banks on the market because of its affordable price, great design, and simplicity. You just have to plug it and go, and it contains capacity for a few charges which makes it an indispensable part of your traveling package.

CHJDG UltraCompact Mini Power Bank

Ultracompact mini

This is another affordable power bank that has the amazing and useful capacity and it is affordable, so you won’t notice that you have bought it if you have in mind what you will get for it. With useful capacity and easily portable, this particular power bank should be your first choice for additional battery charge if you are on holiday or travel because you will be able to slip it into a pocket without taking unnecessary baggage.


We have presented you best power banks to buy in 2017, and even though, there are more manufacturers with amazing products, our list is a combination of features, compatibility, design and reasonable price. We haven’t compiled this list by the best one because it is difficult to say which one would particularly work for you, however, this list will be able to give you knowledge and understanding about latest power banks.

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