Best Headphones you can buy under 1000 Rupees

Looking for good and reasonable headphones for listening to music? Whether you need headphones for listening to music or to watch movies quietly on your laptop, we have found just the perfect pair of headphones for you under the affordable price category of just Rs 1000. Here, we’ve got a list of top 5 best-selling headphones with great quality and features.

1. SONY MDR-G45 (Price: 829 Rs)

The sound quality that gets delivered from this product is just wonderfully amazing. The product has a classy style and beautiful looks. The headphones entertain a wide range of frequency along with low distortion. It comes with a neck band style to give you a unique look.

2. SONY MDR-ZX110 (Price: 899 Rs)

Sony is one of the best companies that provide headphones. Sony has come up with ZX110 model for headphones that is portable, flexible, durable and affordable. It is light weighted and easy to carry. It also helps to relieve the pressure from your ears with its cushioned ear cups.

3. Phillips SHL DL 3060 Headphones (Price:-899 Rs)

This is a perfect choice of headphones with qualitative sound and cool looks. It is compact and can fit in any pocket. The best part of this headphone is that it has adjustable ear shell. Hence, the headband easily adapts your head without any problem. It provides superb bass sound along with comfortable long listening music sessions.

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4. Sennheiser HD 180 (Price: 990 Rs)

This is an entry level model, but it provides efficient noise cancellation. You can enjoy bass music that is crisp and rich. It has wonderful and high-quality ear pads that protect & provide comfort to your ear, and you can wear the headphones for a long time without any worry. These headphones have high durability.

5. Panasonic RP-HBD-250 (Price: 999 Rs)

These headphones are made in such a way that they easily fit your head. It is a very well designed and articulated product. It comes with durable flat cables with a flexible design. The product looks very slick and attractive. You can hear music for long hours without any worry of ear fatigue.

Here, we’ve given you a list of best headphones under 1000 Rupees. We hope you find something amongst these of your choice and enjoy watching & listening to movies & music with them.

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