Best Gaming Headphones for 2017

For every gamer, the quality headset is the indispensable part of their gaming life. The quality of headphones can make a big difference in how you enjoy playing games. There are numerous features that are important such as a microphone for voice chat, loudness, sound quality, and price range. However, you don’t have to buy sound monitors if you purchase great gaming headphones that will give you another idea of sound during your gaming hours. We present you the best gaming headphones for 2017:

Sennheiser G4ME ONE

This gaming headset has a very long tradition with amazing sound and quality that is expected by this sound giant that was established many years ago. G4ME ONE is compatible with MACs, smartphones, PCs, tablets and other gaming consoles that contain 3.5 mm audio port. They come in different color design and what is most important they are not heavy at all, so you won’t have a problem by wearing them all day long. The combination of great sound and amazing comfort make this model one of the best gaming headsets available.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

If you want to purchase headphones that will provide you with compatibility with all devices, great sound quality, and amazing comfort during your gaming hours and features for an affordable price, there are no better headphones than HyperX Cloud II from Kingston. They are compatible with all popular devices, so you will be able to satisfy your gaming needs wherever you are and whatever you are playing. They are lightweight and contain memory foam headband and ear cushions so you will be able to use it for hours without any discomfort. If you are a fan of the combination of great sound quality and comfort for reasonable price, this is the headphones that you should buy.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X

These headphones are a solid choice if you want to purchase lower cost headphones that contain many important features for your gaming hours. They have 3.5 mm jack, so they are compatible with PC, MAC, Mobile, PS4, Xbox One and many more devices that have the same input. They contain a great built-in microphone and sound quality, and even though the design is not the greatest if we compare it to other products from this list, it is still a great choice for you if you have a limited budget.

Microsoft Xbox One Stereo

It is not easy to find gaming headphones that are compatible with Xbox One; however, these particular ones are specially made in order to give you full satisfaction during your gaming hours without any additional issue that could compromise your comfort. They are very simple to use and you just have to plug them in without any additional installation and start listening and playing whatever you wanted in the first place.


Sound quality is an important feature if you are a professional gamer. There are some difficulties in determining which gaming headphones are the best in 2017, however, we have given you four choices that you can choose if you want to achieve great sound quality for the affordable price range.

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