Apple iPhone 8 Rumours, specifications and leaks

Apple is also rumored to be working with Carl Zeiss on an AR project which is expected to go on sale this year. The project is believed to be a wearable headset that can wirelessly connect to iPhones and deliver AR experience to the users.


Apple is also expected to introduce support for wireless charging in its next-generation smartphone “iPhone 8 by Apple”, confirmed a report from Chinese-language Commercial Times.

What will it be like?

The Apple rumour mill never sleeps, so although its release is not for months, there is already a steady stream of rumours and possible leaks filtering out. Many of them should be taken with a pinch of salt – Apple tests a lot of designs – but some consistent themes have emerged, enough to take a reasonable guess.

Here are the innovative features that will be added in your new Apple phone. Also, it is sure that you won’t be getting all these features in one device expect in iPhone 8.

  • Fast Charging
  • 5G Technology
  • Finger Print Scanner
  • Retina Eye Scanner
  • 64,128,256 GB Storage

Nikkei’s note is worth highlighting because it clears up any existing confusion regarding the size of Apple’s iPhone 8. If you recall, the publication just a few months ago relayed that the iPhone 8 might feature a 5.5-inch display. Of course, given Apple’s tendency to test multiple prototypes before deciding on a final form factor, it’s not the least bit surprising that we saw some minor inconsistencies about the iPhone 8 design from various analysts and supply chain sources.

Talking about camera features of iPhone 8, it will come with 16 MP dual lens camera in iPhone 8 Plus and a 12MP f/1.7 aperture camera in iPhone 8 smartphone respectively. At the front, its going to be 8 MP camera. Apple is working is really hard with its flagship, as many competitors like Samsung is already in market with its latest Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship. The next generation iPhone will come with powerful processor, it will have 10nm architecture chipset with Apple A11 processor and boast 4GB RAM inside. Having 4GB RAM with iOS11 can do wonders for users.

Release date and Price (Rumoured):

The phone is rumoured to launch in September this year. From past few years we are seeing that September is Apple’s favourite month of launching new phones, so we can consider some good news in Sept probably with IFA 2017.

The phone will come in competitive price and surely will not that sky rocking as we have seen in previous years. Apple has also increased its Manufacturing units in middle east and south Asian countries. So, its expected to cost you around $750 USD for iPhone 8 and around 900 USD for Apple i8+ smartphone. The prices will be variable depending on how much storage variant you are going to pre-order. We are going to update with more rumours and leaks of iPhone 8 here. So, keep visiting our blog and if you any query then don’t hesitate to comment it below.

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