5 Best To-Do Apps for iOS and Android

Our lives are rarely concentrated in one workspace or at home; we are torn to do tasks at all sorts of different places for different people. It becomes increasingly difficult to keep a track of it all. That’s why it is important to have a good to-do app on your Apple or Android gadget to keep prompting you at the right time.


Remember the Milk

This is one of the oldest to-do apps on the market. As it allows you to manage your tasks from virtually any edition of the app- the web app, Android, iOS or Blackberry app, you can use it on any device, be it your PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. You can sync Remember the Milk with Gmail, add tasks by voice using Siri (iOS), integrate the app with Google Tasks. The iOS and Android versions have recently seen big changes in the user interface which makes the app even more user-friendly.


It is a relatively new app and has been getting raving reviews for its clean and efficient look and interface. It has a gesture-based Android app and the iOS app is very sharp and professional. A new Chrome extension is in the pipeline for syncing, sharing to-dos across different devices. This too can sync with Google tasks


Although Astrid used to be solely an Android app, it made a version of the app for iOS too and has been adding quality to it ever since. Like Remember the Milk, and any good to-do app actually, Astrid allows syncing and sharing of data over all the gadgets you have the app downloaded in. You can manage to-dos from the web too. Astrid lets you add tasks by using your voice, manages to-do by email when you don’t have access directly to the app, allow push notifications to alert you of an upcoming or pending task. You can even sync the to-dos with Google Tasks.


It is a clean and elegant to-do app although the desktop versions- for Mac and Windows- are often preferred by users. It creates colorful, interactive lists and can sync all the devices easily. It is quite a light app too, ideal on a phone where internal memory is limited.


This is a big, bold app that can import to-dos from other task managers, sync with Google Tasks, share and organize them with groups. It has a hotlist feature that helps you sort all the important tasks in one list. It notifies some time prior to the actual task and keeps you updated about how long you’re working on one.

These are some essential to-do apps your gadget is incomplete without. Most of these are available for free, but you may buy a Pro version to get more features.

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