10 Tips to Follow while Buying a New Computer

Are you planning to buy a new computer? Then you are at the right place to know what things to keep in mind before buying a computer. If compared to laptop, buying a computer is not only simple but also easy. You just need to consider 10 simple things while buying a computer and after that you will have an amazing configuration desktop with you.


The first and foremost important thing to consider while buying a computer is the brand of the computer. You always have two options when buying a computer, Assembled PC or Brander PC. Difference between both of them is quite obvious. In branded PC you buy the computer as company launches it and it may cost you more than assembled PC. In case you opt to buy assembled PC then you have many options to configure your computer. You can go with different companies to configure. For instance, you can buy monitor from Zenith, keyboard from Logitech and so on and so forth.


Internal parts of the computer like Mother Board, DVD Writer, SMPS etc should have warranty for at least 1 year. There are many brands that give 3 years complete warranty under certain conditions.



Processor is considered as the heart of your computer. You processor needs are completely based on what you are going to do on your new computer. If you mainly want to use it for internet, word processors and office applications then any modern processor in the market will serve your purpose. One very significant thing to look in a processor is its clock frequency. Generally, processors with more than one core have less clock frequency but they are still considered more powerful.

Hard Disk

The price of hard disk grows in terms of speed and space. Always choose a Hard Disk according your needs and wants. In case you thinking to build a media server on your network, then you must buy a big disk for your music collection.


It is quite obvious that for more professional works and to operate big Servers more RAM will be required than for merely using a computer for browsing or surfing on the internet. So, it is recommended to choose RAM according to your needs and specifications.

Operating System Type

The next important factor while buying a computer is its operating system. Users with minimum needs and requirements should buy a Windows Starter or Home Premium version. But people who want to take benefit of more improved features and need more effective tools then they must buy a Professional or Ultimate Edition.

Monitor Size and Type

There are many people prefer to buy computers with a better display screen, whereas other opt smaller and more portable sizes. If you are buying a computer to set up a server which will be placed in a server room then size will not matter. People with weak eye sights must buy computer with a larger display screen.

These days, LED monitors are latest trend and they don’t affect your eyes also. Computers with LED screens have perfect vision up to almost 180 degrees.


It is very important that you first sort out the tasks that you will be performing on your computer. If you simply wish to purchase a computer for browsing on the internet than it is better to purchase a single core computer which fulfills your minimum requirements. On the other side if you are using it for heavy works such as for professional work or video editing, then it is recommended to buy a system that has improved multimedia features.


Peripheral devices such as scanners and printers etc can really increase or decrease price for buying a new computer. If you do not require DVD writer then it is better to buy a system with a DVD combo drive.


Last but not the least price is an important deciding factor while buying a computer. You can customize your needs and requirements and can buy a computer that fits your budget in the best possible way.

So, now buying a new computer is not at all confusing or a tedious task. Just follow all these important steps and you can buy the best computer for all your needs and requirements.

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