10 iPhone Apps that Increase One’s Productivity

The Apple iPhone is one of the best devices you can use for increasing your productivity. The processing power, software and the bigger screen featured in the newer iPhone make it quite easier to get tasks done swiftly.

If you are searching for the best productivity apps on iPhone, then today we have compiled a list of the best top 10 iPhone apps that can help increase one’s productivity.

Top 10 Productivity Apps for iPhone

productivity apps for iPhone


We often forget chores like buying grocery or paying the bills while going on with our busy life. If you are one such person, then the Any.do iOS app is the best app to set reminders, to-do lists and more. The Any.do app have cross-platform support so that you can keep track of your activities across devices.

Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Powerpoint

Talking about productivity apps for iOS, it is impossible to skip the Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel applications that are available for the iOS platform. These three productivity applications from Microsoft need no introduction and now with the iOS version, Microsoft extends the functionality of these applications to the iPhone as well.

Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook is the best application you can find if you regularly receive a lot of important emails. The Microsoft Outlook app for iOS has an analytic engine that is inbuilt, which shows the emails that are important to you first, automatically. It also let you quickly reach your contacts, emails, and attachments easily.


If This Then That or IFTTT is one of the most popular productivity apps for iOS. The application lets you automate a lot of tasks by simply creating a chain of events thus enabling the device to perform certain functions automatically in case some other actions are triggered. For example, if your location is inside a grocery store, you can set the IFTTT app to automatically call or text your wife or roommate.


If you are looking out for an SMS organizer on iOS, then the Gyst app is what you are searching for. The application lets you set priority flags, create customized tags and more within your SMS inbox. The app also lets you create to-do lists and calendar events right from your SMS inbox.


If your occupation is related to arts, designing or drawing, then the Forge app for iOS will be of great use for you. The Forge app lets you create awesome drawings with the available set of brushes and other tools available in-app. The app also lets you work on images from your device gallery or cloud storage account as well.


If you are someone who has hundreds of online and offline passwords to remember, then the LastPass iOS app will really help you out ease the burden. The LastPass app for iOS works as a vault for all your online passwords and can also be used to generate strong and secure passwords to use as well.


Evernote is one of the best note taking applications for iOS that also has cross platform support to share content across any devices you own. You can write notes or even choose to upload other notes, images, audio clips, video files etc., within your notes and sync the note to the cloud so that they can be easily accessed from your Evernote account across any device.


Many of us spend or indeed waste a lot of quality productive time reading articles that are shared across all the social media websites and other sources out there. One of the best ways to avoid spending time reading articles is to bookmark them to read at a later time when you are free. The Pocket iOS app helps you do just that, so that you can aggregate all the articles you wish to read later and not lose track of them.


The Timepage is a calendar application for iOS that lets you merge all your calendar events from iCloud, Google and Facebook into one single place and then keep track of it. The application conveniently shows the next event from all your calendar sources. The “heatmap” feature can be used to find the days of the month when you are free to add more events.

Final Words

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