10 Best Apps for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the best selling Smartwatch out there. As any other product from Apple, the Apple Watch offers premium built quality and a unique style when compared to any other Smartwatch in the market. And the Apple Watch also features Apple’s own WatchOS operating system, which offers a much better optimized user experience and functionality than its competitors.

If you have recently bought the Apple Watch and is in search for the best apps for Apple Watch then today we are here with a list of the top 10 best apps for Apple Watch.

10 Best Apps for Apple Watch

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The Strava App for Apple Watch is one of the best fitness applications out there. Offers really accurate stats related to activities like running, cycling etc. especially on the Apple Watch series 2.


If you are an avid football fan and if you want to follow all the latest updates on your favorite team or club, then the OneFootball app is what you need. You can receive live scores and other details on latest matches.


AutoSleep lets you track your sleep schedules and analyze how well you are sleeping. All you need to do is to install the application, wear the watch and go to sleep. The application will automatically track your sleep.


The Hole19 application is for golf-lovers and golfers to log on the data related to the hole routing, course and other stats including scores. You can start a round on your iPhone and the Apple Watch Hole19 app will track and put all the necessary data at your disposal.


Cheatsheet app for Apple Watch is a quick note-taking application for your Apple Watch. You can make tiny notes and view them within your Apple Watch. You can also create an icon corresponding to each note/task to make it easier to understand.


Mint is the Apple Watch app you need if you are in search of an application that can let you track bills, expenditure, earnings and the nearest payments you need to make. The interface of the Mint WatchOS app version is very easy to navigate enhancing the user experience of the application.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a very user friendly reminder application for Apple Watch that with the help of its natural language processing ability lets you to make reminders via voice just the way you would speak to a normal person.


The MultiTimer application for Apple Watch is perfect if you have multiple time-based activities to track at once. You can set the timer for each individual activity and customize the activity listing’s color, icon and more from your Apple iPhone and track the same via your Apple Watch.

CARROT Weather

The CARROT Weather app is one of the best weather apps for Apple Watch that offers regularly updated and precise future and real-time forecasts and data on rainfall, weather, humidity and more. The CARROT Weather app is a really popular weather app on iOS and the same user experience is now available on the Apple Watch.

BBC News

The BBC News Apple Watch app will offers you details and summaries on all the latest happenings from around the globe. News content are categorized under “Top Stories”, “Most Read” and “My News”. Even though the WatchOS BBC News app only provides a brief summary and picture on the news, further details on the same can be accessed from your iPhone.

So those were 10 best apps for Apple Watch. Want to add your favorite Apple Watch app into the list above?

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